My HVAC is so old

My family undoubtedly thinks that I am out of my mind. I have tried to tell most people that the folks I live with and I don’t need to waste money getting a brand new Heating and A/C system, especially when the one in our home works just fine! My wife is always going on about how it doesn’t work “just fine”, and that the energy bills are only getting more steep. Well, from what I can tell, the energy bills are not that bad – at least, not as bad as she’d like to believe. I don’t get how she believes the Heating and A/C isn’t working fine! It’s not like the people I live with and I don’t have official Heating and A/C system service! Well, just the other morning, when the Heating and A/C specialist came to clean up our Heating and A/C system, even he said that it would be a smart move to replace the Heating and A/C system. Yeah right! I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was only happy that my other half wasn’t around to hear what he said! Otherwise she would be telling me how she was right all along. I refuse to part ways with a perfectly adequate Heating and A/C system. My wife went as far as saying I was practically having an affair with our HVAC equipment, given the love I seem to show it. Well, I can’t say that she’s wrong about that – I love our ancient Heating and A/C machinery! It would be like putting an old friend to rest before their time. Of course, the Heating and A/C wasn’t even dead yet! We could go 5 more years at least, with regular repair and service. I made an agreement with the wife that when our Heating and A/C system finally died, then the people I live with and I would switch it out to whatever she wants! I shouldn’t have made that deal though – I bet she’s going to get the most extravagant Heating and A/C system there is!

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