My HVAC job is the best

Ever since I was a young kid I have always been a bit on the lucky side. When I was in highschool I even got dubbed the nickname “Lucky Mike” for always winning a wide variety of giveaways and sports bets my friends and I would make. Luckily for me, this luck has followed me into adulthood and particularly saved the day for me last weekend. Last Friday in the early morning, I woke up chilly my butt on in my cozy a single room apartment. I always leave the heated gas furnace running in the night, so I was totally at a loss as to what had happened. I looked at my fairly new heated gas furnace and didn’t see anything was wrong with it. I called over to the HVAC supplier in neighborhood to have them send out a repairman, and he informed me that the equipment had broken and would need to be totally replaced! Before the guy left, he mentioned to me that the HVAC supplier was doing a giveaway this weekend where the lucky winner would win a free installation of radiant heated flooring. I entered the giveaway and didn’t assume much of it, however mostly on how I was going to pay to maintenance my furnace. A few hours later after doing some research online for used furnaces on craigslist  I gained a call congratulating me on being the winner of the heated flooring giveaway! I was so shocked that I was left totally speechless. I guess I don’t need to worry about fixing that old piece of junk anymore, because I am making the update to radiant floors all thanks to me wonderful luck!

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