My HVAC system is the best out of my friends, because I take care of it

Me and my two friends faithfully follow both college and professional football. During football season, Saturdays and Sundays find us engrossed in the games involving our favorite teams, and as you would expect, we often like to get together to watch them play. We often rotate between the three of our houses for various reasons. We like to go to Mike’s house when we’re in the mood for some really good cooking, because he is an awesome chef and creates some of the best appetizers I’ve never had. When we’re in the mood to have a space all to ourselves, we go to Jim’s bachelor pad, because apart from the occasional girlfriend, we know we have the place entirely to ourselves. Finally, the other guys insist that we go to my house whenever it’s a particularly hot or cold today, because my family has the best HVAC system around. The other guys absolutely love kicking back in that air conditioning during a game, and they always talk about how their own HVAC systems just don’t seem to compare. I will admit that my unit was not cheap, but I suspect that there is another very important factor as to why it is so effective compared to theirs. I have my HVAC unit regularly maintenanced a few times a year, so that it is at peak performance at any given time of the year. Mike is a busy man and sometimes I myself have to remind him to change his own air filter and Jim is even worse!

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