My kids always find something to whine about

Sometimes I think my kids are the whiniest whiners on the face of the planet.

They drive me crazy with their constant complaining about things like their having to wash their own clothes, having to clean their rooms, and not being able to hang out with their friends as much as they want to.

I never feel sorry for them, though, because I know just how good they have it. I mean, they have a roof over their heads, food on their table, books to read, and parents that love them. So whenever they complain about things like the temperature in the house it just makes me roll my eyes. My oldest daughter recently started complaining about the temperature in her bedroom upstairs. She said that the upstairs starts heating up long before the downstairs does, and that she needs more air conditioning upstairs. She says that it’s so hot in her room that she’s going to die if there’s not more A/C. Leave it up to teenagers to be overly dramatic! She actually tried to talk my husband into buying a window unit air conditioner so that she could put it in her room, even though we have central air conditioning in our house. I told her that it’s ridiculous to put an extra window A/C unit in her room when she already has three air vents up there with central air conditioning coming through them. Of course, when I said no, she acted like it was the end of the world and said that she was going to sweat to death.


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