My kids force me to put a lock and key on the thermostat

I love my children to death, but sometimes they can be a major hassle and source of constant stress.  I could be on my way to work in the morning and out of nowhere I get a call from the school’s nurse asking me to pick my son up because he’s sick.  Other times I have to cancel plans with my husband to take my daughter to her ballet recitals. At the very least, they are good with keeping their rooms and the rest of the house clean.  The only major issue I have is with the HVAC thermostat. No matter what I say to them both, and no matter how far I go to stress with them the importance of respecting my wishes to keep their hands off the temperature control, nothing seems to work.  I don’t like returning home at night to find the house repeatedly cycling on 70 degrees with my kids off in a random room playing with toys. I finally broke down and bought a lock box to place over my HVAC thermostat. It’s a small clear plastic box that screws into the wall, encapsulating the entire control device inside.  The front panel has a door that swings open and has a single lock installed to keep the enclosure secure until someone authorized with a key comes by to unlock it. I wish I could insist on teaching my kids this lesson a different way, but I have simply run out of time now. Even if I had unlimited resources on my plan with the electric company, no air conditioner can run that hard long term without failing swiftly and drastically.  Now, the only people who can access the thermostat are my husband and I.

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