My kitchen is finally comfortable

My home is extremely old and has plaster walls, big windows and no duct system.

It’s very difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature.

I’m located in an area with hot and humid summers and extremely severe winter weather. So far, we’ve been managing the indoor temperature with room-by-room solutions. During the summer, we install portable air conditioners in the bedrooms and make do with fans and open windows in the rest of the house. In the winter, the sub zero temperatures for eight straight months are a huge challenge. We have a natural gas fireplace installed in the living room. The heat spreads and can nearly handle demand for the entire first floor. Only the kitchen fails to benefit from the fireplace. To heat the kitchen, we invested in a compact ventless gas heater. This solution is not ideal. The ventless heater is a single-stage unit. It is only capable of operating at maximum capacity. It starts up and blasts heat until it achieves the thermostat setting and then shuts down. The constant off-and-on operation creates uncomfortable temperature fluctuations. Plus, the equipment requires constant maintenance. There are two air filters and even the smallest amount of dust will result in a blinking warning light. When the warning light is blinking, the heater won’t shut off. It runs non stop and I worry about the risk of overheating. I would really like to replace the ventless heater with a ductless heat pump. A ductless split system would mount up high on the wall and provide both heating and cooling capacity. The newer models feature inverter technology, allowing the unit to adapt capacity to exactly meet demand. The ductless heat pump would maintain more even temperature and cost less to operate.