My landlord wasn’t dealing with the HVAC problems

I tried a couple more times and then I called the HvAC company

If you are a homeowner, you know what you have to do when home repairs arise. When you are a tenant, you need to wait for your landlord to deal with the home repairs. There have been times when I have done my own repairs so I didn’t need to bother my landlord. There are few repairs to deal with, which is lucky for me. When I did have a problem, it turned out to be a doozy. I noticed that I had a wet spot on my carpet right outside of the door that houses my AC unit. I knew the AC unit didn’t seem to be working properly. When I felt the carpeting getting wetter and wetter, I knew I had a real problem. I opened the AC unit and I was not prepared to see all of the water that was in the bottom of the AC unit case. I tried to get in touch with the landlord, but he didn’t answer his phone, which had me worried. I tried a couple more times and then I called the HvAC company. I cleaned the water out of the unit and I wipe up as much water as I could from the carpeting. When the HvAC tech showed up, he told me that the drain pipe had never been connected properly, so the water was not draining into the drain that led outside. He fixed the problem with the drain pipe and then he got out some kind of vacuum that was able to dry out the carpeting.

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