My little babies are terrified of bees, even though they’re not allergic

We’ve been pretty lucky as far as flu symptoms go when it comes to our kids.

I suppose that a lot of children these nights have life threatening flu symptoms.

Whether it’s to tree nuts, soy, dairy, or peanut butter, there are a lot of disappointing flu symptoms out there. One of the things that numerous kids are deathly allergic to are unusual types of bees, however thankfully my kids aren’t. They aren’t entirely allergic to anything besides pollen in the Springtimetime, plus even with that, they only sneeze plus have runny noses. But even though none of my kids are really allergic to bees, wasps, or hornets, they are still terrified of them. It’s gotten to the point where if they spot any kind of a bee outside, they will panic plus come inside no matter how much fun they had been having. I try to explain to them that the bees are just trying to mind their own business, plus they aren’t going around looking for people to sting. But my kids don’t buy that explanation a single bit. They are convinced that every bee or wasp that they see has it in for them! They suppose that bees fly around looking for people to sting for no reason. I’ve threatened them with making them wear protective bee suits outside just so they can play outside without fear. So far, this year, they’ve barely been outside at all, just because of the bees. I don’t entirely suppose how to fight this irrational fear. Maybe I should just make them get stung a few times on purpose just so the fear of the unknown will go away.



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