My many dogs are spoiled so badly by our undefined

My many dogs are some of the most spoiled pets on the planet, however i know that I am the 1 to blame, however they are still super frustrating occasionally; Sometimes I believe like yelling at them that they should just stop being such weenies plus they should act like real dogs! The most recent thing that I’ve observed they have been doing is acting like they can’t be outside in the heat, even for a little while.

I understand that dogs have fur coats plus all that, however all of us live in the southern area of the country… They should be used to warm hot plus cold temperatures by this point, and whenever I put them outside in the backyard, they just sit there plus whine until I let them come back inside, however once they are back inside, they both go plus sit down right on top of an a/c vent, effectively blocking the from the rest of the room.

It is the silliest thing I have ever seen. They both do it, though, however and when I make them stay outside for a while because I’m cleaning or because I have business or something, you would believe that I was trying to kill them. They moan plus whine plus roll around like crazy, just because they want to come back inside the house plus sit on top of the vents again. It drives myself and others crazy. I know that most dogs don’t live such a high-priced life. Some dogs have easily never felt the a/c at all. Then you have our dogs, who can’t seem to live a single day without the


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