My media whole-apartment air purifiers have helped with our flu symptoms

I have exhausting flu symptoms, and when I say that our flu symptoms are terrible, I mean that occasionally they keep me condo from work.

It is nearly impossible to work construction when you can hardly see or breathe.

I have tried everything to help with our flu symptoms, but nothing had worked until I evaluated out the internet for tips. Apparently, I can use our Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C units to help with our flu symptoms. With forced-air a/cs plus heating systems, you are constantly having the air that is causing you to get sick circulate through your house. I l received that you can use the Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C units to filter the air before it comes back our so that you can breath better. I purchase HEPA air filters, plus that made all of the difference, other air filters filter out basic pollutants from your air, but HEPA filters purify your air. No speck of allergens will make it out of your vents. Besides that, air filters for your heating system or a/c will cause your vents to blow out less dust, meaning that you won’t constantly have to scrub your hardwood floors. When I installed these air filters in our house, it only took one afternoon for our flu symptoms to completely go away. Sure, when I go outside, I still get sick, but that just gives me a valid reason for staying in the a/c all afternoon. If you struggle with flu symptoms, you should consider changing your air filters to something better, however you a/c or heating system can either be the cause of your flu symptoms, or they can be the solution.

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