My mom is bringing her air conditioning system along

My mom is simply one of the most hilarious people that I know

My dear mother is bringing her air conditioning system when she comes to visit me… She is maybe the funniest person on Earth. She has to have her air conditioning system wherever she is. She never seems to go anywhere without it. It is love her security blanket. I make fun of her a lot for taking her air conditioning system with her everywhere because it is just so funny. My dad will make fun of her too, although he also prefers to have air conditioning wherever he goes, so he actually prefers that she brings her air conditioning system along with them on their travels. I tell our mom that I have central air conditioning in our house, so she didn’t have to worry about bringing along her air conditioning unit, but she told myself and others that she remembers being truly sizzling and humid the last time that she stayed at our house. What she does not seem to understand is that I don’t still reside in the same condo as I did before. My last condo did not have central air conditioning. The new condo that I am living in now does have central air conditioning. I am genuinely grateful to have central air conditioning for once in our life, but she blatantly does not actually understand how central air conditioning works. The room that she will be staying in is nice plus very cool, but I am sure that she will still insist on using her air conditioning system. My mom is simply one of the most hilarious people that I know. She never ceases to make myself and others laugh. She will admit that she is wild and crazy, plus I think that is what makes people adore her so much.

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