My mom picked up air conditioning systems on clearance

My mom recently bought more than 2 air conditioning systems on a clearance sale.

She has constantly been a truly great bargain shopper, but our 3 siblings plus I were quite amazed that she had bought these air conditioning systems at such a great price.

She ended up buying five air conditioning systems, plus she only paid more than one hundred dollars each for all five of them. I have no plans about how she found such a great deal. She tried to explain the whole story, but none of us got it, so all of the people I was with and I just thanked her plus moved on. The people I was with and I all really do love our air conditioning systems. My sibling has central air conditioning in his house, so he uses his window air conditioning component that our mom got him for his garage. His garage is overly small, although he prefers to spend time out there now working on small motors. He never had air conditioning out there before, plus he would get so warm that he would have to go back indoors. He loves having air conditioning out there now. The rest of us youngsters do not have proper central air conditioning in our houses, so the people I was with and I are using the bargain air conditioning systems that mom bought us inside our houses. I set up our air conditioning system in the family room, plus it keeps most of the downstairs of our condo nice plus very cool. I love our current air conditioning system, plus I suppose that our siblings are in love with theirs too. I am so ecstatic that our mom finds amazing deals even if I am a little jealous that I can’t ever find those kinds of deals. My mom says that she just stumbles across deals similar to that, but I can’t imagine that happening. I never just stumble across such amazing deals.

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