My mom was right about the ductless A/C unit

My mom told me it was a good system to buy a ductless A/C machine for the garage apartment.

I didn’t want to spend a advantage on a ductless A/C unit, so I decided to buy a cheap window unit.

I idea to rent the home for $650 a month. It was a good rate for a large space with a bathroom plus central heat plus air, unfortunately, I had a difficult time finding someone to pay $650 a month with the window machine as the only source of air conditioning. Most people expected Central AC, however the space only had a single A/C unit. Hardly any of people gave to pay $500 a month, but I wasn’t willing to budge on the price. My mom plus I were talking about all of the strange renter options. She mentioned the ductless A/C machine once again. Since I had a couple of people mention the AC, I decided to listen to our mom. I called the supplier to install a ductless machine that heats plus cools. The machine even has a temperature control plus a remote control. After I had the ductless A/C machine installed, I put another ad in the newspaper offering the home for $650 a month. 7 people called on the first afternoon, including a person that looked at the home in the past. She was more interested now that I had central heat plus AC. I believe our mom was right about the fluctuations, because I had no problem getting the exact asking price after making the upgrades.

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