My mom’s air conditioner isn’t working

My mom’s air conditioner isn’t working, and she refuses to call an HVAC company. I don’t understand her ways. I never have. She is so stubborn when it comes to the silliest things. She won’t call an HVAC company because she is afraid that they won’t be able to fix her air conditioner but will still charge her money. I told her that they would be able to fix her air conditioner, but she does not believe me. She is convinced that her air conditioner is unfixable, but she really has no idea if it is unfixable or not. I just have to laugh about it sometimes. She complains just about every single time that I am at her house that she does not have air conditioning. I am so sick of hearing her complain about not having air conditioning, yet she refuses to call an HVAC company. I have been tempted so many times to call an HVAC company myself and send them to her house, but she told me that if I were to do that she would disown me as her daughter. I am not sure if she would actually disown me, but I am sure that she would be very upset with me for calling an HVAC company behind her back. I just wanted her to have air conditioning again. She is miserable in her hot little house. I don’t even like visiting her because it is so warm in her house. I don’t know if she will ever have air conditioning again. I hope so, but knowing her, she probably will never call an HVAC company.



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