My mother checked it a few times

I have been burned twice now going to the theater. No, the movies were just fine. What pulled one over on me was the temperature. Anytime a person talks about a movie theater, they mention the air conditioning. Air conditioning and movie theaters are best friends. Anytime I go to a movie, I usually freeze to death the whole time. This especially happens in the Summer. When I go on a date in the Summer, I like to wear cute little shorts and a tank. I then forget my Winter parka for when we go to the movies and I freeze to death the whole time. Well, the last two times I went to the theater, I was prepared. I actually dressed for the theater, not the weather. It was Summer, but I wore pants and long sleeves. The theater did not blast air conditioning though! It actually was a pleasant temperature in there, so I sweated to death the whole date. The next time I went to the movies it was in the Fall. The weather was in that in between land where it is impossible to decide between heating and cooling. I figured theaters are always packed with AC. So I dressed warmer and ended up burned again! I was dying in the theater that actually had their heating system on. I have not been back since then. Have theaters finally gotten their acts together on HVAC settings? Or did I manage to catch two random flukes that happened? Next time I go, I won’t know how to dress.