My Mother Wants Me To Get an Air Purifier

You know you have an indoor air quality issue when your mother comes by for a visit and she wrinkled her nose.  I’m not talking like Samantha on Bewitched, either. So I decided to do something about my lack of good indoor air quality.  I went air purifier shopping on the internet, today. The problem with air purifiers, though is that there are so many on the market, that it can be very confusing.  Nowadays, air purifiers can come in a wide range of colors, sizes and styles. So of course, I first had to research air purifiers to know more about how they work. I came to understand that a good air purifier should have a true HEPA filtration system, and those air purifiers don’t come cheap.  I can even control my indoor air quality with my phone with a built-in Wi-Fi in some of these newer air purifiers. Armed with my air purification knowledge, I’m ready to buy. As I look at all the many colors of air purifiers, I wonder if I should get the type that stand on the floor, or an air purifier that sits on the table.  I’m concerned about the table-top air purifier because my cats might end up knocking it off. The cats, of course are the reason why I need an air purifier to begin with. Of course, I don’t necessarily think so, but I know that my mother does. I’ll probably get the stand-alone air purifier or maybe two. However, if I don’t get an air purifier maybe my mother won’t come visit me unannounced anymore!

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