My neighbor purchased myself and others an air conditioner

I do not think what I would do in life without good friends.

I think so blessed to have so numerous friends, as well as they spoil myself and others rotten.

I do not think if I look poor as well as helpless or what but my friends are constantly buying myself and others things. I think they are just trying to be kind, as well as it is entirely a substantial help to me. I think obligated to give back to them as much as they have given to me, but it is nearly impossible because of how giving they are. My friend, Abby, offered myself and others a motorcar about 5 years ago, as well as I still use it to this afternoon. I accidently broke my air conditioner a few weeks ago, as well as my friend, Mia, showed up at my door with a new one just numerous mornings later. That came at the perfect time because I did not have a lot of extra cash at the time to buy a new air conditioner, as well as she knew that. I had just switched tasks, as well as I also had just updated the front porch on my house, so I did not have a lot of cash in savings for a new air conditioner. Mia came over the afternoon that my air conditioner died, as well as she discreetly found out what brand it was since she knew that I loved that air conditioner. She went cabin that same afternoon as well as found a good deal online for the exact air conditioner that I had previously. The afternoon that the air conditioner arrived at her house, she brought it over to myself and others along with dinner. I just cannot guess how blessed I am to have such good friends in my life.

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