My new furnace is making me look forward to the Winter:

I am really looking forward to this Winter. Over the past few years things have been pretty rough for me financially. This has led to me cutting a lot of corners that I have not had to before. My parents are in the Middle class of society, so growing up with them, I always had what I needed for the Winter. Even when I went to college, my parents ensured that I had a decent place to stay. However, once I graduated, my parents stopped helping me as much. I have had to deal with some pretty awful weather in a very unprepared home as a result. Naturally, one of the worst things about where I was living at was having to stay warm with insufficient space heaters. Sure it wasn’t so bad as long as I could remain right next to whatever space heater I was using. However, as soon as I had to do something like use the bathroom, or cook a meal, my space heater was useless. Now that I have finally landed a good paying job, I can go ahead and upgrade from my crummy apartment without a central furnace. In fact, being able to stay appreciably warm all Winter long with a central furnace, is the exact reason why I am so much so looking forward to this Winter. It will be so nice not having to stay glued to a space heater that can only heat up a few feet around me, that for the first few weeks I am going to blast my furnace to unprecedented levels. Winter this year is going to be great!

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