My new heater is awesome

My guy is always trying to come up with some invention to make a million dollars.  I can’t tell you how much he has spent over the last couple of years on gadgets or how many failed inventions are lying around the house. His latest method for making a million is a portable cooling unit that you can take camping or anywhere else. He purchased some motors that are battery powered but has had various failed attempts so far. He wants to create something that is lightweight, portable, plus energy efficient… Most of the units he has come up with are either cumbersome, noisy, or not very effective! I have watched him try a fail so many times. I guess it is frustrating to him and so I wish I knew a solution for him… The tough thing about it is that there are already portable units on the market that he would be competing with as well.  I even saw a small counter top a unit for small rooms that was pretty cute. Of course, no portable unit that is that small will ever cool a sizable space, but, your immediate area would be comfortable. I suppose that my man has higher aspirations for the portable cooler unit he wants to design. He truly thinks that he can come up with a single that can do more that just cool the individual who is sitting right next to it. I truly hope that he is successful in this however I will stand by him no matter what. If the cooling unit doesn’t work out I am sure that he will come up with another plan.