My new HVAC contractor is not as good as the last guy

For almost ten years I had the same HVAC contractor giving my equipment routine service. I would see him anywhere from two to four times a year. I gave him Christmas cookies on the holidays and lemonade in the summer. He was an ancient, pudgy old man that I just adored. He was so conscious of my HVAC equipment and home. He wore special foot coverings and never tracked in dirt. The one time he had to completely rip out my oil furnace blower and replace it with new. There was not a single piece of debris left over after the heater repair. When he added more coolant to the AC plan, not a drip was spilled. He was the friendliest, sweetest man ever. Well, my HVAC guy retired and now I have a new guy taking care of my HVAC service. I hate my new HVAC contractor. First, he shows up late to just about every appointment. I spend over 30 minutes just sitting in my kitchen waiting for him. When he arrives he tracks dirt all throughout my house. He also is extremely rude and does not talk to me. My old HVAC contractor would tell me what he was doing to the HVAC equipment. I learned about air filters being targeted towards air quality. I learned that smart thermostats can really save you energy. This guy gives me nothing. I also don’t feel he does as good of a job on my HVAC tune up. After the appointment is done, my heating and cooling equipment still looks dirty.

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