My old air cleaner needs replacing soon

I feel There is nothing like having a squeaky clean environment to work in.

I appreciate having a squeaky clean house because that is where I work.

I built my own online business starting when I was eighteen years old, and have been able to grow it quite largely. I now have twelve employees that particularly work for me, plus it is a full time task for me as well. I appreciate it though. I work from my nice home, so I have to make sure that my house is cleaned up before I can get any quality work done. It is sort of a major pet peeve of mine, I guess. My fiance does not understand because he can function in any type of environment, although I simply cannot. I get too distracted if I do not have squeaky clean office space. Not only am I anxious with the house being clean, although I also like the air to be squeaky clean as well. I purchased an air cleaner about more than four years ago when one of my friends informed me about the benefits of having one. She said that she once struggled badly with dust irritations plus getting sick all of the time, but after she got her air cleaner, she has hardly struggled with any most types of sickness. I have not noticed a significant improvement with my dust irritations, although I do like knowing that the air I am breathing in is clean. I think I may need to get a bigger, more powerful air cleaner very soon though because mine odors weird. I have cleaned it a hundred times, plus it still odors. I am currently seeking a current air cleaner.