My old corporation took a big nose dive

Five of our websites were listed in the top results on the 1st page before the algorithm changed

Search engine advertisements can be especially tricky now that the search engines have changed their search algorithm so frequently. My wifey and I had a successful internet corporation well over 10 years ago. The two of us were making near to $10,000 every week just from advertising products and earning our tidy commission. The two of us were earning 30% on every sale and most of our sales were $100 or even more. My wifey went to school for graphic design and both of us built our own website using a few free web design programs. All of the connections we made went directly to the parent corporation and they sent us a commission check once a week. My wifey and I were both surprised by the influx of money. Three weeks after both of us started the website, both of us were earning $100 a day at least. Our nice luck continued for more than 2 years, and then Google changed its search algorithm. Our website satisfied and keywords didn’t help change our search engine results rankings. My wifey and I tried and tried to change our keywords, however both of us could not find our way back to the top of the search engine again. Five of our websites were listed in the top results on the 1st page before the algorithm changed. Now both of us cannot ever find our website on the first more than 10 pages! The two of us tried a lot of advertising strategies and SEO techniques, however both of us never found a way to climb back to the top. The two of us could have hired an SEO corporation to help, however that would have been far too upscale for our budget. My wifey and I still advertise online products, however both of us haven’t seen a hundred dollar day in a long, long time.
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