My old-fashioned parents and their new programmable thermostat

It took my parents forever to come to appreciate more advanced technology. They are old (and old-fashioned) enough to have lived in a day and age in which modern conveniences we’re simply done without, or were not yet developed enough to even be all that effective. It was only well after they reached adulthood that computers actually factored into day to day white collar work, so they were far more acquainted with the typewriter and old style calculator. It’s kind of amusing having to explain even the most basic computer functions to them these days. Also amusing is how they are still fond of a time when mobile phones could break someone’s skull if they were thrown! It took them forever to get a flip phone and they are still balking at getting a smartphone! However, they recently made an upgrade to their HVAC system that they have genuinely come to appreciate. They upgraded their thermostat. No, they did not get a smart thermostat, not yet. They decided to switch out their dial thermostat for a programmable thermostat. The novelty of being able to program a schedule on the thermostat has really got my dad excited. He has always been very particular about the temperature that he prefers in his home, but he always sighed in exasperation when he had to get up from the couch to walk all the way to the thermostat to change the temperature throughout the day and evening. Now, he does not have to bother with that anymore and it really seems like he’s starting to warm up to modern conveniences!