My parents are the worst

All my life, my parents constantly told me how grateful I ought to be for their help. Whether it was something big like helping with a car repair, or a minor moment of assistance like telling me where I left my keys! I joked that I was so thankful for their help, I decided to move away and leave them be. Well, they moved into their current home up here about ten minutes from my house, so it was pretty much only me that was charged with moving around all of their furniture on their moving day. I was also in charge of installing the heating and cooling system! I’m a bit of a handyman, as I work during the day as a general contractor, but I guess that I’m a little over my head with the latest project my parents have hoisted onto me. I told my parents that they should just go ahead and hire a specialist in the Heating and Air Conditioning service industry to handle it, but they want to save some money – and they know I wouldn’t dare charge them the normal rate! They have the old-school mentality of thinking that any hard work should be done by them and their family. I had to spend over two days toiling on this gas furnace installation, and had to watch countless videos on how install it correctly to make it happen. Now that I finally got their heating and cooling units set up, they don’t even use it! They are always at my place, claiming that their unit doesn’t keep the home warm enough. They love to stay warm with my radiant heated flooring instead. I love our parents, but boy I’m getting super frustrated with them!

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