My parents couldn't afford a furnace

Dad said there was a space heater in the spare bedroom but it had to be kept on low

My parents have always been the type that moved around a lot. They never even owned a home until the last five years. They bought an old fixer-upper and decided to finally settle down and own their home. For five years now, they have lived in the same house and they have been slowly fixing it up. If it had been me, I would have done the essentials first, but not my parents. They didn’t have electricity until their third year in the house and they still don’t have a formal HVAC system. Last year, my wife and I went to visit them over the holidays. It was the worst holiday I have ever had with my parents. They told me they had heating in the house, and I took that to mean that they finally had a furnace installed. Their idea of heating was completely different from mine. When we got to mom and dad’s, they had several space heaters. There were some really old electric space heaters and a couple of old, and dangerous looking, gas space heaters. They only had one good space heater and that was in the living area. They took that heater with them when they went to bed. Dad said there was a space heater in the spare bedroom but it had to be kept on low. The space heater was old and he worried about it catching on fire. Luckily, we were young and we were able to cuddle and stay warm, but we didn’t stay for very long during that visit. Maybe next time, they will have a furnace if they want us to stay..


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