My parents just bought our first window air conditioner

My parents just bought our first window air conditioner, and I don’t think that I have ever been more excited about a window air conditioner in my entire life.

My parents do not make a lot of money, and I knew that this was a huge sacrifice.

By purchasing the window air conditioner, they sacrifice their cigarettes and their alcohol. I know that it seems like a reasonable decision, but for someone in the midst of an addiction, this was honestly a huge step for them. We have never had an air conditioner before. We don’t live in the hottest place in the world, but it is honestly pretty uncomfortable without an air conditioner. However, we never complained. My parents don’t make a lot of money, and asking them for things never goes well in our house. However, they must have realized that they were uncomfortable too. They bought one window air conditioner, and they put it in the living room. It made us happy to know that they put the window air conditioner in the living room. They could have put the window air conditioner in their room but they intentionally decided to share the window air conditioner with everyone, and I was very grateful for that. The window air conditioner doesn’t keep our rooms cool, but it is better to have one window air conditioner than to have no window air conditioner at all. I hope that we will be able to get more window air conditioners in the future. After using the window air conditioner for so long, I cannot imagine living without the window air conditioner.


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