My parents love to run their AC

Spending Thanksgiving at my parents has a ton of upside. First of all, they are much more financially secure than I am. This means I know I am going to get some really good meals. It’s not just the quality of their Turkey or the many sides they prepare either. They are also much better cooks than I am. When it comes to cooking, I am a heat and serve kind of guy. I might throw on some seasoning and perhaps some kind of garnishment, but, when my parents cook, they are very involved in their cooking. However, there is one drawback to having Thanksgiving at their house, and that is that they truly love to run their AC to epic proportions. I live in a hotter region of the country, so it usually feels good to have their AC on full blast, at first. However, after an hour or so, I am freezing cold because their thermostat is set so low. I never say anything, of course, because I am a guest in their house, and I feel like telling them to change their thermostat setting would be wrong. I always hope there is some kind of malfunction with their HVAC system when I arrive, but I know that will never be the case. My parents have an HVAC service plan where a professional air conditioning company comes out once a year. I also hope for a cold front as I feel like that would encourage them to simply open the windows as opposed to running their AC. I would then actually be able to wear a jacket when I come over without looking foolish.

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