My parents probably need a new furnace:

This Christmas my wife Patty and I are going to stay with my parents for a week. We both get along with them very well, and we are looking forward to the trip a lot. My wife and my mother really enjoy baking Christmas dinner. They both are avid cooks, and when they get together it is a great opportunity for them to share their favorite recipes. My Father and I are huge sports fans, so it gives us an opportunity to talk about all the major headlines. It really is a great trip for all of us, except there is one thing that we are not looking forward too. Their HVAC system is outdated, and every time we visit them in the Winter we are apprehensive about how cold the weather will be. We believe the problem is that their furnace needs to be replaced. Since it is an older home, we don’t think their furnace has gotten the attention it should. As is, a furnace should be replaced between 15-20 years. If someone maintains their furnace well, replacing air filters and keeping up with general HVAC maintenance on a regular basis, perhaps they can push it to the upper limit. However, I know my parents, and they probably do not change their air filters and do the recommend HVAC maintenance they should. My wife Patty and I have been talking for a few years now about buying them a new furnace for their home. We feel like if we are that cold when we visit, they must be just as uncomfortable as we but throughout the whole winter.

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