My pollen irritations are brutal & air filters help

I come from a large family of severely unhealthy humans.

Nobody in our family takes great care of themselves, but they still somehow have superheroic strength & tenacity.

I do not suppose our family has ever let a sick feeling keep them from going in to labor or fulfilling their life responsibilities. The people I was with and I all tend to just power through the discomfort & wake up feeling a bit better the next morning. I should say, everyone in our family except for me. I was born being the unfortunately sickly one. My largest complications in life are our awful immune methods & our ridiculous pollen irritations. Well our entire family can live their lives without any kind of proper medication or medical intervention, I am constantly taking allergy medicines & grousing to our doctor about our terrible indoor air conditions. Air quality is such a massive concern in our life these days that it absolutely impacts the section where I reside. I can’t live in a major neighborhood due to the increased air pollution. I also can’t live too close to the Western Seaboard, because it is running a risk of drifting smog over from Asia. This means, I have to live square in the middle of the country & invest in a lot of air quality control unit to mediate to the level of pollen in our area… Living in the middle of nowhere, there is a lot of plant life & therefore a lot of Airborne pollen. My lungs do not love the plant material mingling with our breathing air. To wit, I have the most advanced air purification unit installed alongside our central heating & cooling system. I use a UV light for disinfection, HEPA air filters for extra filtration, & severely cool air to moderate most bacterial growth. My indoor air conditions control unit works great for living a normal life, but I wish that I could live worry-free care about our tenacious family.

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