My room is so cold, thanks to no insulation above it

When I moved into this old house, I had no idea that the entire thing was built out of additions and little else.

Apparently, the original base structure was honestly small and most of the loft had been added over the years in pieces.

After that, it made more sense that there were mismatched walls with and without matching molding in one room. There were light switches in nonsensical places according to what you would usually see. And there were places in the walls that just didn’t seem to line up quite right. Now I understood; this was a piecemeal house, put together as life demanded more space. It also explained more than a few things about our living room. Namely, how strange the indoor air temperature and the air quality control is in our room versus the rest of the house. From the first afternoon every one of us got all settled in, our room regularly had a unusual air quality and air temperature than the rest of our home. If the old gas furnace was running, our room was going to be 10 degrees chillier than everywhere else indoors. No matter what, it would believe enjoy the air wasn’t being pumped in through the air vents into our room, nor was any heat being trapped in the space. Now it was so clear to me, the Heating & A/C system wasn’t originally connected up to our living room. My air ducts were added onto the original central heating and cooling system. What’s far more concerning is the lack of insulation present over our room. As I tried to inspect the old air ducts, I actually noticed that there was nothing in the attic to trap the expensive treated air. It entirely made me wonder who lived here and what was up with their air quality – whoever had built the addition that later became our living room obviously didn’t enjoy the indoor air temperature consistency.

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