My significant other is not happy with the hours I work as an HVAC tech

One of the most annoying things about working at a heating, ventilation and A/C company is the fact that I end up having to be away at work most holiday weekends… It truly wouldn’t even be a big deal if it weren’t for the fact that I got married at the end of last year. Plus now my partner gets particularly ticked off when I have to miss holiday parties because of a broken a/c or a busted furnace! She hates it when I have job tasks to complete on weekends, but she especially hates it if it’s when she’s busy with friends or family, then that makes her so miserable. I keep trying to tell her that I can’t help it that my job tasks make myself and other coworkers work such strange hours, though. And when people are having trouble with their heating or their a/c, you simply have to be available to do the needed repairs. It seems as if a lot of times, there are tons of repairs that need to be done over the holiday weekends around here… Maybe it’s because people who are having parties plus stuff like that plus they are running their a/c units more than usual. I believe that makes sense, but that doesn’t help matters with my partner. I know she would prefer it more if I had a typical job with normal and consistent hours, like other men do. It’s just that I particularly prefer doing heating, ventilation and A/C tasks plus I do make pretty great cash at it, too. I don’t see myself changing careers any time soon, so I believe I’m just going to have to learn to deal with a partner always being miserable over it.


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