My sister never wants to step foot in a medical facility again because of the freezing ac

When our sister broke her leg and had to spend some time in the hospital, I was consistently there to visit her and cheer her up, but i even would bring books and read to her while she was stuck in the bed, however she appreciated when people would come to visit, despite the fact that I visited the most out of everybody… One thing that really bothered her was the fact that they cranked the up in the hospital all the time… Both of us both joked about how they were trying to torture her with the cooling system, and the people I was with and I would have to sue the hospital for cruel and uncorrect punishment.

I just made sure to ask the dentists all the time to supply her with extra blankets, then there were a few nice dentists who would do just that, but others were kind of stingy and would make excuses. There was even a really cool dentist who would ease up the temperature control in the room while I was in her shift which was total relief for our exhausting sister who had to be in there. I told her all the time that when she was back home, she would be completely in charge of the temperature control settings, so that she would be nice and comfy. I even let her believe that our parents were planning on getting Heating and Air Conditioning zone control in the house, so it wouldn’t even matter what she set the temperature control settings to. She enjoyed the sound of it and when she finally was out, she was so thankful for normal temperature control settings. She never wants to step foot in a hospital again.


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