My Trip West

Several years ago, my brother moved way out west to the other half of the country. I miss him very much. We used to do a lot of fun stuff together, but we also used to argue a lot. Siblings have a unique relationship. Since I miss him so much, I decided to take a trip to go see him. I decided to drive and stay in hotels along the way. I was very glad I did because I go to see a lot of beautiful countryside and got to stay in several hotels. The best thing about hotels is the fantastic heating and cooling they usually have. Plus, using the a/c or heater is included in the price of your room. I always go overboard when I stay at hotels. I set the air conditioning to very cold thermostat temperatures, and I set the heater thermostat to very high temperatures. I enjoy using a lot of climate control. I would use it more at home if it did not cost so much. As it is, though, one of the biggest expenses of owning a home is climate control. When I am at home, I am not as loose and fancy free with the thermostat settings. Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time in hotels, and using their air conditioning, as I traveled to see my long lost brother. Maybe I will find the time to go again soon. I hope so because I do look forward to sleeping in hotels with really good climate control again. I am tired of the thermostat settings in my own house!