My twin is a wimp for AC

My twin brother is now staying in my spare room, and I am not at all happy about it. When I went to high school he dropped out. When I got a job he went on unemployment. When I started making something of my life, he started asking for handouts. And now that I own my own house, well what do you know here he is crying homeless and begging for a place to stay. I called him a bum, gave him a tent and told him to sleep in the backyard. Then my folks called me scolding me for treating my own brother that way. Then as soon as I let him inside he started grousing about the air conditioning. My twin brother has always been a wimp when it comes to cold air and HVAC systems. He gets the shivers so easily he prefers to level run the air conditioning system at all. Of course, he had no control over the A/C in my home, and I let him know that by cranking down the thermostat a few extra degrees. If he wanted to be a guest in my home, he would have to learn that his climate control needs were not as important as mine. It may sound cruel, but after a lifetime of hearing him complain about cooling I had my fill of it. At first he tried to sneakily change the temperature settings on my smart thermostat. I had seen that coming, though, and protected the thermostat with a password, so he couldn’t change the settings.  

a/c worker