My uncle Dan knows about air conditioning

My Uncle Dan has been working for an HVAC company here in town ever since he was about twenty years old. He took some classes on heating and air conditioning installation and maintenance at our local community college when he first got out of high school. Within a year, he took the first job he could find at this local HVAC company and he’s been working there for the last thirty years. Well, needless to say, any time that I have an issue with my furnace or my air conditioning unit, I always call up Uncle Dan first thing. I mean, why would I call another company and have to pay high prices for diagnostics, maintenance, or repairs on my HVAC unit when I have my favorite Uncle Dan at my beck and call? Well, recently, the airflow in my A/C unit just stopped being as good as it used to be. So I called up Uncle Dan and he walked me through what I needed to do. He said that 99% of the time when someone’s airflow is restricted in their A/C, it has something to do with a dirty air filter! He said that air filters in A/C units can become incredibly dirty with dust and debris from filtering your air for months at a time. Sometimes, the air filters get so dirty that they will actually start to restrict the airflow as it’s traveling through the ductwork in your home. This restricted air flow can make your A/C unit have to work harder to cool your home and also make your air conditioning bills much higher! As soon as I got off the phone with Uncle Dan, I went to check my air filter and sure enough, it needed to be replaced!  

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