My uncle is a true professional

I recently found out about two weeks ago that my uncle is an HVAC worker… My family and I were never close growing up, and it sort of makes me upset thinking about how distant I was from my family.

It wasn’t my fault though. I didn’t have a choice in the matter… Basically, my mom couldn’t stand all of her siblings, so I was never allowed to be around them or their children, but once I moved out on my own, I started contacting my aunts, uncles, and cousins. I am so ecstatic that I did that due to the fact that I have become pretty good friends with all of them. I had an issue with my air conditioning in my house a few months ago, and I went weeks without any a/c use. I fully understood that I could not afford to pay an HVAC company to come and repair my air conditioning, so I thought for sure that I would be separated from a/c in my house for quite a long amount of time. I found out about a month and a half later that 1 of my uncles was an HVAC worker, then he lives about 5 hours away from me, so I still didn’t count on him being able to come and repair my air conditioning. It just so happened that he was in my neck of the woods a few afternoons later, so I gave him a call just to see. He was able to come over, and he had my air conditioning working again within just an hour or close to that. I am so thankful that I decided to ask him for help.


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