My uncle’s trailer has heating and air

My uncle finally finished his camping trailer. It is so tiny! The trailer has a queen bed in it and that is about it. At least, that is how it looked to me from the inside and the outside. It was just a metal box with two windows, a door, and two wheels. It looked nice but I couldn’t help but wonder how comfortable that metal box would be during the summer heat. My uncle did show me that the trailer has electricity and he even has a space heater set up high on the wall. While looking at the space heater I noticed that there is an air conditioning unit up on the same wall. Then why could I not see the air conditioner from the outside? We walked around the back of the trailer and that was when I noticed a large hatch. My uncle opened it up and I noticed a little outdoor kitchen area inside of the hatch. I also found the back of the air conditioning unit. So the hatch has to be open in order to run the air conditioner. There is also a little hose running from the air conditioner. The hose is long enough to hang outside of the hatch area and it serves as a drip pipe. Overall, I am very impressed with my uncle’s DIY trailer. It is very cozy and comfortable looking. With a small heater and air conditioner it should be comfortable in any climate as well. The only thing the trailer is missing is a bathroom. There is no room for that.