My website is done ahead of schedule

I own a small corporation that offers repairs and installs heating and a/c equipment.

The corporation has been open for the past 2 or 3 years, however I didn’t have a website until recently.

I hired a web design firm to set up an awesome new website with Heating and Air Conditioning information, helpful tips, and a contact form to reach me. The website wasn’t supposed to be finished until the end of November, however I was delighted to receive an early text from the corporation this very day. The website is done ahead of schedule and ready for me to view. I went online to view all of the pages. The 1st thing I noticed was the bright and vivid colors on the logo and background. I didn’t agree with the bright colors, and I thought both of us would go with something easier on the eye. Still, I believed the color option looked great and it was unquestionably eye-catching. I clicked on more than 2 of the connecting links and all of the pages opened fine. I tried all of the apartment buttons and the contact page and I didn’t find any errors. I was beginning to believe that I would have no critiques for the web designer and then I noticed a problem on the bottom of my contact page. Instead of listing my office PC number for the business, the web designer had the PC number for his web design business. I could find no other major concerns right now, however I texted the guy about the contact PC number. I believe the website will increase Heating and Air Conditioning sales and calls for repairs, and I’m certainly cheerful that it’s done before Christmas holidays.

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