My wife doesn’t want to learn the hard way

I am from a location where most people couldn’t survive during the winter. My wife thought she was pretty cool after spending 2 winters in the midwest, but when I brought her home last Christmas, she figured out what it was to be cold. Prior to that, she thought that low temperatures plus enormous snow storms were rare events, and not something to worry about. Boy, did her opinions change about Wintertime after we ended up spending two weeks at my mom’s house in the winter. Now, she is finally starting to understand why I’m so paranoid about being prepared for the worst in the winter. I’m genuinely terrified of the thoughts of losing heat during the middle of the winter season. I would hate to freeze to death inside a freezing house before a professional HVAC repairman could arrive to reboot the old furnace system! I wouldn’t want to die of hypothermia. I know it’s the worst case scenario, but I’d rather be prepared for such an unlikely cold disaster than to try to survive without central heating! That’s why I am very careful about having my furnace and HVAC ducts religiously worked on at least 3 times each year. I know it’s excessive to have HVAC dealers out so often, but they change the air filters, perform routine repairs on the furnace, and vacuum out the air ducts. But I don’t want to learn the hard way that you’re better safe than sorry; At least now my wife has finally started to come around to my way of thinking about things. She even called last week to make an HVAC appointment!
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