my work could use some HVAC improvements

For my entire life, I have had jobs that I’ve hated.

I’ve never found a career that really suited me well.

These days, I savor working at a nail salon downtown however all of us truly do need better A/C in our building to make it a better experience. All all of us have is this one little window A/C component installed that tries to cool down the entire building. Additionally, I’ve realized the door is consistently opening as people come as well as go! That influx of hot air does not help either as well as neither do the nail dryers which are running all the time. As you might guess, it is consistently hot in our workplace. I’ve repeatedly brought it up with the owner although he does not seem to suppose it’s a sizable deal for us or the customers… Some of our co-workers as well as I have been dedicatedly looking into getting at least one more window A/C component for the nail shop. The people I was with and I would spend money for it out of our pooled currency… Customers are consistently complaining about the heat too, and that’s why we put a tip jar on the counter as well as “A/C fund” on it; Within less than 2 weeks all of us had over $680 in the jar to buy a cooling system with. That’s what I started researching A/C units again as well as I came across this newfangled thing called a “ductless mini-split system”. It works like a regular window component however it does not take up any window space so you can still receive light. The radiator as well as compressor components are sitting outside as well as then a hose goes through the wall as well as connects easily to one or more dispenser inside. After some discussion with the owner he decided to let us get the brand new ductless mini-split plan installed. I’m looking forward to finally working in a nice comfortable work arena.

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