My worries

Don’t ask me why I made the decision to do something so ridiculous. Last July I gave up my apartment and my car, and went off to live in the deep woods like my favorite author once did, Thoreau My second uncle, Uncle Cam, left me and my wife his old log house in his will. This cabin had no plumbing or electricity whatsoever.  After some thought I came to the conclusion it would be a superb idea to get back to nature and live off the land. So we gave up TV, the internet, our jobs, and everything else modern life offers. then i abruptly figured out that we could do just fine without knowing everything my friends did during the day via Facebook. Life without new Heating and Air Conditioning was horrible, though.  July was hot as always, and there was no air conditioner to cool myself and my wife off. We would go to the lake and swim to get cool. It was clean and kind of fun actually! But then, Winter approached, and there was no heating furnace. No furnace, no space heater, nothing at all. all we had to keep ourselves toasty was a fireplace. I’m speaking from experience, a fireplace is not enough for two people. I feel that people used to deal with this just  fine way back in the day, I guess we are just wimps because we need our air conditioner and Heating Going to the river was fine when we were missing air conditioner, however that serves no purpose when you are freezing in the winter. We used the fireplace and plenty of layers. I was so glad to see my seasoned friend Heating and Air Conditioning when I got home!

heating and AC