Need a/c for sleep

Growing up in cold climate, cold days came as often as the sunrise. Having to bundle up with layers of blankets, and burrowing between pillows was a way of life. i distinctly remember having to wear a winter coat to bed, to keep from shivering from the chilly temperature of the night. It almost seemed as if someone deliberately sucked all of the warmth out of the Earth. I’d wake up and dread having to put my feet on the floor. Although carpeted, the cold temperature made it nearly unbearable to stand to long in in the same place, even with layers of socks! In the 90s, furnaces were once called radiators. It was a thick, elongated, coil-like contraption that could burn you if you stood too close. They were powerful too! That one radiator could heat up the entire 3-bedroom room apartment by just sitting in the corner of the family room. During the night, temperatures could drop into the negatives, and you may not have even noticed, because the gas furnace would radiate heat so well. I don’t think I could be more grateful to have had such a reliable furnace. However, once technology started to advance even more, having a brand new furnace installed, radiators quickly became a thing of the past. You would think heating getting more efficient would be absurd, however even though the wheel was never reinvented, it was revamped for the better. Now that heating and cooling systems are one-in-the-same. Convenience continues to advance throughout homes and apartments alike. Gone are the afternoons of switching off the radiator, and opening a window or door to cool the apartment quicker. And should I need to heat the house, I don’t have to worry about burning myself badly if I accidentally bump into a blazing radiator.

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