Need a new a/c filter

Living where I do in the south, I have a lot of breathing troubles; I believe I’m having problems with the indoor air quality. Most months of the year, I suffer from a constant sniffly nose depending on the day of the week. Part of the problem is that I am always in a/c all the time. My pollen irritations  flare up from breathing in nothing however a/c all the time. My nutritionist thinks a whole-home air purifiers that may help a little bit with my flu symptom issues. It is something I am for sure going to be looking into. Itt does not in any way, shape or form seem to help with the matter, but I do in fact change out the air filter every month. On Tuesday, I will be making a call to my local heating, cooling plus a/c business to get this looked into. I will take out a loan if needed, in case the price will likely be high. Whatever it takes to be able to stop or at least ease the pollen irritations plus still be able to like my a/c. Air conditioning is always needed here in the south. Without a Heating, Ventilation plus A/C program or a/c, it is near impossible to live here in the southwestern space of the US of america. It is so darn boiling plus yucky that I always have my a/c cranked 90% of the year. As soon as I can do so, I may just leave the southwest entirely.

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