Need more heating after the walk

My girlfriend and I decided to go out for a walk the other night, we didn’t expect it to be as cold as it turned out to be. My girlfriend was convinced she wouldn’t even need a jacket. I warned her that it might be a bit cold outside since the sun wasn’t out anymore, but she was convinced that she would be fine. It didn’t take long enough before my wife was shivering like crazy. I took my jacket off in order to give it to her. She completely refused it at first, insisting that she could make it for the rest of the walk. I knew she couldn’t, so I told her to take it still. She did, and started to warm up very quickly. But as she was getting warm, I was starting to freeze. I was suddenly looking forward to being back inside the house so that our furnace could warm me up. I was even starting to plan a nice fire in the fireplace. I had just chopped a bunch of wood earlier that morning. I was going to start a nice fire and cuddle up on the couch with my girlfriend. Maybe we could even order takeout from our favorite place and watch some movies together. It was going to be a great evening. It was the perfect night for a fire since it was so cold outside. My ears were starting to freeze I was so cold. We finally made it back to the house, and I asked my girlfriend to help warm my ears up. When she first touched them she yelped because they were so cold. It was great getting that fireplace going.