Need some air duct cleaning

You know, I’ve always been the kind of guy that has to traverse the harder trails for my lessons to be learned. As a young kid, I forgot my lunch for school everyday for an entire week! My folks had no mercy either, as they taught me to make absolutely certain that I had cash to pay for a lunch at school if needed. Otherwise I was going to have to suffer through the day without a meal, and that was never fun. Nothing taught me better than being hungry for the whole day though, that’s for sure. The same goes for myself as an adult too, as I an experience I had several months ago will show. See, I noticed that the house had some issues with the Heating and A/C duct pumping dirty, smelly air into the house. It was like the air coming into our lake home was already soaked in stench straight from a septic tank. It was foul! When I reached out to the Heating and A/C repair professional I usually hire to consult with them on the possible cause, they promptly asked if I’d ever had a HVAC duct cleaning performed. To be honest here, I didn’t even know that such a thing could be done! I know that sounds ignorant as could be, but I didn’t know this kind of stuff before. Annual Heating and A/C duct cleanings are a major deal – I just wish I knew that when I got the keys to the house! Thankfully, my regular HVAC technician was willing to make room in her schedule to come by and perform a cleaning for the heating and air conditioning system ducts. Once that cleaning was performed, I noticed that the indoor air conditions of our home had dramatically improved.

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