Need to add a space heater

During the stressful holiday season, a lot of things are going on in town. The large tree in town square gets fully adorned with billions of multi-colored, twinkling lights. It’s really spectacular to see those lights come on right at once, at a single time. There is a Santa Claus in the town garden. During the weekends, Santa goes and takes pictures & listens to children’s holiday wishes. The people I was with and I now have the world’s  greatest collection of Santa figurines in our town, & that has no particularly simple feat! Everything would be perfect, if the two of us ever had a super pale white holiday. Our town is nestled about 20 miles away from the lowest southern point here of the country. Wintertide does not mean much to us, because the average January temperatures are really still around sixty degrees. For the first time this year, it was absolutely brutally cold for the event. The rare cold weather was a unquestionably unofficial event. A massive cold front was sitting right on top of us, & the outdoor temperatures were actually way down in the forties. The people I was with and I had to find some rest up gas gas heating systems for the whole event. The town council suggested several propane gas gas heating systems for the major event. The people I was with and I had multiple local Heating & A/C companies offer to use their outdoor gas gas heating systems for the event. In less than several hours, the two of us even found enough gas gas heating systems to keep the main areas warm & toasty. The people I also was with and I placed a gas oil furnace in the main greeting areas, & Santa had a very small portable electric heater. The event was largely successful. The people I was with and I were thrilled when we had multiple people attend the event, & I guess the colder weather certainly helped pretty much everyone think more festive. It was a town event that pretty much every single person seemed to enjoy.

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