Need to get rid of the a/c

             I want to place an ad and I have no plan what to write.  I began to read up on some information; the best information to include in your ad, when trying to sell something.  The information they give, does not say anything about what I am selling. They tell you to reach the people that may want to buy the product.  I am trying to sell a two year old window air conditioner. How many people would not be interested, if they don’t have central air conditioner.  That is the reason I am getting rid of the window AC unit.

               I had central air conditioner installed during the Springtime.  The next step is telling me that my audience is not broad enough.  I don’t want a thousand iphone calls when all I have is one item to sell.  I may just have to change my iphone number the after running the ad. I decided to make it truly easy so  I simply wrote that it was a three-year old window air conditioner. I gave the make and model and told them that it was energy efficient.

              The guy I gave the ad to, asked me if I didn’t want to add more info.  I asked if he wanted me to add the color and count of the air vents. He told me that was a bit ridiculous and I told him it was ridiculous to add more words, when that was how I was paying for the ad.  I paid by the word. Is it any wonder they wanted a fifty word ad about an air conditioner? I added that it, ‘works wonderfully’.

a/c installation