Need to install a ductless mini split

You know, if I had a dollar for every “violation” this village said I committed in regards to building on our property, I’d be a rich woman. It’s not like the village has representatives sweeping through every city, looking for some poor sap that’s building a shed without having approval from urban planning! Sadly, it’s because I’m in the area of a homeowner’s association that it is so tough – I get chewed out by our neighbors just for letting the lawn grow too much! If our neighbors ratted me out over the lawn & a few yard signs, just imagine how they reacted when I had a shed delivered to our home! I’d wanted a small, space in our backyard to store a bunch of stuff from the garage because I’m having a ductless mini-split plan installed for cooling & heating the garage! The shed wasn’t in the ground, so I wasn’t making changes to our backyard – not that our neighbors could tell, thanks to our privacy fencing! Besides, the shed was just a diversion, anyway. I knew that if our neighbors saw that I was installing a ductless mini-split plan for our garage space, they’d flip their lids. Thankfully the outside piece of the heating and air plan is rather slim, so it fits nicely between the fence & the outer wall of the garage Out of sight, out of mind, right? Plus, the ductless mini-split is so quiet that our neighbors think it’s just our home’s central heating & a/c. It might seem like this is a ton of effort for little reward but it will pay off in the end. After all, I’ll be the only 1 on the block with a cool, comfortable garage where I can do whatever I want!

ductless mini split