Need to pick up a few new filters

My Mom and I have struggled with dust sensitivities our entire lives… My Mom is now approaching her 70’s, and he has a pretty exhausting dust sensitivities still, however he says that he cannot remember a moment in life when he did not have dust sensitivities almost year round.

He started taking a natural supplement that helps quite a bit, but it does not get rid of them completely, and i tried the same supplement, but so far, it has done nothing for me.

I have been to the dentist about it more times than I can even remember, and I have tried many different medicines for our dust sensitivities. My last appointment to a new dentist that I have been seeing was the most helpful so far, but he genuinely told me to buy purchase a whole-house air purifiers for our house to see if that would help with our dust sensitivities since I spend so much of my time at my house. I did what he said as well as obtained many whole-house air purifiers. I put one purifier in our living room, as well as the other 1 in the family room where our office is. I did not have undoubtedly high hopes that they would work, even though I was alright with trying anything by that point. I have been using the whole-house air purifiers for about many weeks now, as well as I can really say that they have helped a lot. I have seen a huge improvement in our dust sensitivities. Having many whole-house air purifiers has helped me so much more than any medicine or natural supplement that I have ever tried. I told our Mom about it, however he is stubborn as well as does not guess that it will help him at all, so he refuses to buy an whole-house air purifier. I am just thankful that something is finally working for me.

Whole home air purification