Need to update HVAC in meeting rooms

Then I get to deal with a noisy HVAC device taking away from my speech

Speaking in front of people has consistently been a treat for me. I really do enjoy public speaking. Seeing people sitting and clapping, laughing or crying, is always fun. To know I put that emotion into the crowd is a heady thing. It is not easy performing in front of people when it is going bad. I always get really nervous and sweaty after that. I had one speaking presentation that was a political one. It was not going well. Nobody agreed with what I was saying and I got some of my facts wrong. I was grateful that the air conditioner was blowing at its highest setting for me. I really needed AC because I was overly anxious plus had started to sweat. I noticed some people in jackets because they were being iced over by this giant component. Others were in short sleeve shirts plus shorts not letting the cold air moving around us bother them at all. I enjoyed talking to the crowd once it started better. Heating & A/C systems are sometimes not very good in business meetings. Sometimes the venue is an older one and that means outdated HVAC. Sometimes the company has not sprung for ductwork cleaning or regular HVAC maintenance. Then I get to deal with a noisy HVAC device taking away from my speech. Sometimes it makes a loud rumbling or banging noise that constantly distracts me. Very few times is the HVAC on point and the speech is going well. Everyone really should update the HVAC situation.

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